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Simatex helped many foreign students to enrol in the top Russian universities

SIMATEX has been helping a great number of foreign students to enroll in the top-ranking and elite Russian universities since 1993. SIMATEX team meticulously advises on crucial and necessary documents for admission, supports foreign students ceaselessly during their professional studies, assists them to acquire a student visa, thoroughly organizes meetings at the airport, arranges accommodation for students to ensure they live in cosy & comfortable hostels close to their universities.

SIMATEX has many years of practical experience and such experience can be trusted. SIMATEX always protects the interests of students in any difficult situation at all times and look after students throughout their long years of study in Russia. Safety of the student, adaptation of the student, assistance to the student in another country, provision of the finest living conditions - these are the precious things that SIMATEX relies on.

SIMATEX has secured and signed exclusive contracts with countless Russia's prestigious state universities, which are included in world rankings as the universities for first-rate higher education.

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