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SIMATEX welcomed students from Sri Lanka

A group of new students arrived in Moscow at the beginning of the week to study at Sechenov University. We met future students and their parents at the airport, escorted them to the dormitory and invited them to our office for a cozy chat in order for them to get acquainted with the company.

Our officers consulted the students on tuition fees, accommodation, registration, told them about the rights of foreign students in Moscow and the living conditions in the Russian capital.
There were also various questions from the parents. Our consultants gave a detailed answer to each question and reassured them that Simatex is always ready to give any kind of assistance and support, as it is customary at the company.
 Students and their parents received nice presents from Simatex as well as congratulations with the New Year Eve in Moscow. Everyone was very pleased with the meeting and soon guests from Sri Lanka left for a rest as tiresome flight and first busy day in a new country were left behind.
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