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Medical education is one of the most popular and sought-after areas of higher education. It is distinguished by the long duration of studies, complexity of training courses, variability of the programs, and high competition.
A doctor is a professional with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to treat patients. To become a doctor, you need to hold a degree in medicine, love sciences and people, as well as be determined and patient, since the studies are difficult and take many years to complete, and the profession itself places great stress and responsibility on its owner. The duties of physicians include making diagnoses, counseling, seeing and treating patients. Doctors have a large number of specializations: pediatrician, surgeon, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, veterinarian, dentist, allergist, endocrinologist, etc.
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Finance relationship management
This service includes:
  • corporate finance
  • regulatory issues and compliance
  • bonds
  • derivatives
  • placement and listing of securities
  • UCITs and non-UCITs funds
  • financial restructuring
  • project finance
Corporate and commercial
This service includes:
  • choice of corporate form
  • start-up companies
  • corporate governance
  • corporate ownership and management
  • shareholder agreements
  • reorganizations
  • joint ventures
  • drafting shareholder agreements
  • legal expertise of commercial agreements
Insurance and torts
Our work in this practice area includes:
  • litigation
  • research and legal opinions
  • peaceful settlements
Our expertise in this area includes:
  • tax structures
  • VAT
  • customs and excise duties
  • transfer pricing
  • double taxation treaties
  • capital controls
  • cross-border tax issues
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