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Convivial meeting of MAI University delegation and SIMATEX

This extraordinary week in SIMATEX office there was a fruitful meeting between official representatives of MAI University and SIMATEX team.

Our company proudly presented it's current and prospective magnificent projects to the MAI.
As a result of the productive meeting, the university contentedly accepted our brilliant proposal to participate in the Virtual Exhibition of Education "Study in Russia", it is planned to sign a legitimate contract for several formal exhibitions and webinars.

In addition, MAI graciously invited our accomplished team as a delegation to visit the university to familiarize us with the university in more detail, to witness the opportunities and achievements of the university.
At this crucial stage, SIMATEX courteously considers long-term mutual cooperation with the university in order to attract foreign applicants for quality education.

MAI is known as the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University).
Nowadays, MAI is the most celebrated & leading high-tech university in Russia, providing competent training of engineering personnel and world-class advanced scientific research starting from project to implementation.

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