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RUDN and Sechenov simultaneously organise international holidays

RUDN and Sechenov Universities, both committed partner universities of SIMATEX company, simultaneously organise international holidays to unite students.

For example, RUDN University will host the Indian Culture Week from 24th to 28th October with the active participation of vast Indian student community.
This grand event is aimed at meeting and uniting students, enhancing their knowledge of stunning Indian culture and traditions, instill respectful attitude towards the national peculiarities of the Indian people.

The exhilarating program of the Week of Indian culture: exhibition of well-crafted souvenirs, national costumes and jewelries, chief master-classes on cooking national dishes, stories & traditions, dancing and music.

From 24th till 28th of October, the Sechenov University which is SIMATEX's influential partner university, will also host the fabulous multinational UNITY WEEK.
UNITY WEEK for international students is diligently organised by the university community. As part of the relaxing holiday, there will be a donor event to help orphanages. The event is thoughtfully organised by the International Department and various university's student associations.

It is always interesting and informative to study in Russia.
SIMATEX kindly reminds that admission to preparatory departments for international applicants is formally open.

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