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To look after and inform the student at all times, our priority task

We often receive emails from new students who have never been to Russia before, requesting us to arrange and assist them with their arrival. We consistently meet up with our students at the airport and aid them get to their hostel in case they require it. We are standby and all set to advise on all related domestic issues so that the newly arrived students won't face any difficulties and unpleasantness.

Before arriving in Russia, students must notify and inform SIMATEX of the date of their arrival, hence that their data will be entered and key into the portal of State Services. So that they won't have any problems and complications when crossing the border. In advance, the student is compulsory to do a PCR test for entry and an additional test within 72 hours after his or her arrival in Russia. While awaiting for the PCR test results, the student are obligatory to undergo self-isolation - during this time he/she can study remotely.

The SIMATEX team is continually prepared to help out the students and advise them on any matters and questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.
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