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Decisive advantages of studying at the preparatory faculty

In order to begin your studying journey in Russia and to have a wide choice of incredible educational programs for admission, first and foremost a foreign applicant needs to enroll in a preparatory faculty.

Outstanding universities in Russia are currently open to foreign citizens and SIMATEX warmly invites interested applicants to determine their choice now. Our professional team will provide consultation and wisely suggest the best preparatory faculties according to the student's future profession and financial possibilities.

Decisive advantages of studying at the preparatory faculty:

  • Easy access to any first class university in Russia in the chosen specialty

  • Valuable opportunity to start studying right now - year-round admission

  • Learning Russian efficiently for quick adaptation

  • Possibility to start your studies online, without even coming to Russia

  • Personal acquaintance with the university and teachers

  • Easily understanding the level of instruction at the university

  • Sophisticated preparation for taking the required courses in your desired university

  • More fruitful communication and understanding in the learning process

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