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SIMATEX team met the newly-arrived students at the airport

Our caring team met the newly-arrived students at the airport.
The guys came from Syria and will further their studies at the leading Tver Medical University.

SIMATEX always provides it's high standard services to students: arrange meeting at the airport, give assistance in admission to the renowned university, organisation of accommodation and registration, medical insurance, obtaining an invitation to pursue study and extension of study visa.

Our capable team will make an invitation for a student visa and meticulously advise on all issues 24/7.

  • We thoroughly select a university according to the budget and the desired specialty.
  • We will meet the student at the airport.
  • We will arrange and cover medical insurance.
  • We accompany the student throughout the entire time of his journey of study.
  • We will offer a cosy hostel near the university.
  • We will help with registration at the place of residence.

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