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The festival "Spring at Pirogovskaya" began at Sechenov University

The initial stage of the creative festival "Spring at Pirogovskaya" began auspiciously at Sechenov University.

It is the preferred and favorite spring festival of student creative youth, which widely celebrated in all Russian universities, but under different names.

In this prosperous year, many distinguished Russian universities firmly decided to hold the grand festival in a full-time format and Sechenov University is not an exception.
Our talented and bright international students also decided to participate in this impressive festival's contest "Spring at Pirogovskaya".

The imposing festival will be conducted in three major stages:
The first qualifying round, the second competition "Small Spring" and the gala concert "Big Spring".

In the first round, gifted foreign students showed their extraordinary abilities in singing and dancing. Almost all of them were allowed by the experienced jury in the "Small Spring" competition.

We earnestly support the students and wish them good luck and bright future!
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