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SIMATEX gives international students to study at the TOP institutions in Russia

SIMATEX gives international students the invaluable opportunity to study at the superb educational institutions in Russia. Russia thoughtfully offers a wide range of promising & sought after majors, unique internships, and internationally recognised degrees.

  • Study Visa - providing letters of invitation in order to apply for a new visa. We allocate great effort into collecting required documents for admission, for residence registration and for visa extension;

  • Provide invitations in time even before the beginning of the new academic year to allow students and their parents to observe the environment of study and condition of accommodation;

  • Offering sound advice regarding university admission, the company and indispensable assistance in the process of admission and exams;

  • Taking care of the safety and well-being of students, we will thoroughly explain the rights of students;

  • We also offer them our professional experience & help to make the right and wise choice of university for their education;

  • Advising on the most suitable choice of city to study in Russia for the ideal living conditions and financial gain;

  • Meeting the newly-arrived students at the airport;

  • Prepare guidance and introduce the city where the student will live and how to get to the university and the dormitory;

  • We are dedicated and specialised to help out the student to adapt in a foreign country without knowledge of the local language;

  • We have our own comfortable and reasonably priced dormitories for precious students;

  • We have friendly and kind-hearted staff members at each university to aid students;

  • We also provide health insurance;

  • Assist with translation and Nostrification of crucial education documents;

  • Student's support and advice on various issues 24/7 Call Center.

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