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Officially about transfer to Russian universities

Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of Russia, officially signed a document that establishes the specifics & requirements of formal admission to the first year of Russian citizens who arrived in 2022 from Europe, LNR, DNR or Ukraine including students who did not manage to pass a single session.

The Russian government legitimately allowed students from Russia who were unreasonably and unfairly expelled from European universities to study at reputable Russian universities for free. Consequently, students will be able to study peacefully on a budgetary basis or under paid contracts, but the cost of such accomplished training will be fully reimbursed by the university, - says the decree.

Dear citizens of the LPR, DNR, Ukraine, and foreigners from other countries around the globe, who have never been to Russia but lived on the territory of the republics and Ukraine, will be admitted to the 1st course in esteemed Russian universities within the quota of the Government for foreign nationals. At the same time, residents of the LNR and DNR who have obtained Russian citizenship will be in a position to enroll on a common basis with Russian applicants if they desire.

Based on the signed document, SIMATEX continuously renders services on transferring students arriving from Europe, LNR, DNR or Ukraine to leading Russian universities in 2022 to continue their studies.

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