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Unity Food Fest in the open air was convened at the Sechenov University

Stupendous Unity Food Fest in the open air was convened at the gigantic and modern Burevestnik Stadium of Sechenov University.

A large number of accomplished foreign students of SIMATEX company pursue their study at this prestigious and high ranking medical university. Basically, all of them played a vital role in the fancy Food Fest celebration, this grand festival managed to unite all unique nationalities and rich cultures of different countries in the whole world and was conducted at the University annually.

This year, the magnificent festival was absolutely upscale and occupied an immense territory of the Sechenov Stadium.

Enthusiastic foreign students presented the most delicious dishes of their respective country. Dressed in elegant & deluxe national costumes and with individual flags. They thoughtfully explained about their popular recipes and graciously treated everyone who came up to their table. There were traditional folk dances and songs, live music, team games, and spacious seating areas with large comfortable pouffes.

The amazing holiday united all the brilliant minds of Sechenov University and became a highly remarkable event that will be remembered by everyone who participated at the major event for a long time. This can be confirmed by the numerous iconic photos and videos that we are sharing with you.

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