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SIMATEX congratulates on the occasion of Knowledge Day!

SIMATEX congratulates on the occasion of Knowledge Day!

1st of September is an auspicious and important date to wish all students an excellent start in the new academic year.

Always be inquisitive, persevere and determine to achieve your goals. May your thirst for knowledge accompany you not only in the precious years of study, but also throughout your life journey. So you can successfully achieve to become the true pioneer and irreplaceable in your chosen profession.

Acquired knowledge and skills are consistently valuable in our society, especially if that knowledge combines with tremendous experience and is constantly supported by latest achievements. Find your calling and constantly develop it, let luck to lead the way and guide you.

We wish robust health & great patience to the parents and thank them for supporting their children from the bottom of our heart.

Moreover, we also would like to thank the caring teachers who inspire their students to achieve their grand success in life.

Happy start of the academic year!
SIMATEX team with high regard.

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