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Kazan Federal University (KFU) convened a Chinese New Year holiday celebration

KFU, a dependable and trustworthy partner university of SIMATEX, held a terrific Chinese New Year celebration, which was well attended by more than 200 international students.

On 18th February , the Association of International Students of Kazan University associated together with the IMO Confucius Institute to organize a traditional Chinese New Year celebration which is also known as the Lunar New Year.

The grand event was a huge sucess and successfully attracted more than 200 students of the Institute of International Relations and other structural divisions of Kazan Federal University, students of the Faculty of Preparatory Studies, graduates of IMO, the International Students and Postgraduates Association of Kazan, as well as honorable guests and respectable partners of the university.

Chinese New Year songs, cultural dragon and drum dances were performed during the festivital. In addition, the International Students Association of Kazan University enthusiastically presented a fashion show in traditional Chinese costumes. Guests of this amazing event had the chance to taste authentic refreshments, drank chinese tea, participated in various quests and won fascinating prizes.

SIMATEX would like to take this opportunity to express it's gratitude and appreciation to Kazan Federal University for hosting such superb occasion, which managed to bring all international students of the university closer together than ever.
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