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Student Day at Sechenov University Student Festival "Pies on Pirogovskaya"

The significant Student Day at Sechenov University Student Festival "Pies on Pirogovskaya" was held annually and customarily at Sechenov University on 25th January, Student Day.

Traditionally, students will enjoy delicious pies at the university on this purposeful Student Day, properly communicate with each other in a positive and stress-free atmosphere, raise important questions and issues with the rector, and demonstrate their amazing talents and skills to the entire university. In the beginning of the event, Peter Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov University, addressed the audience with a warm and welcoming speech. He explained about the tradition and history of how the celebration of Student's Day at the university had originated and vision regarding the future prospects of the university.

On the other hand, to the delight of excited participants in the game "The Box of Wishes", there were prizes received and promised to fulfill their most sought and desired gifts. A fancy sweatshirt printed with the University logo was won by a 6th year international student in "General Medicine" specialty. The students were extremely lucky in the lottery "The Fool of Fortune", where the lucky ones were given the fabulous opportunity to have their academic debts forgiven by the end of their academic year.

Studying at Russian universities is always an extraordinary experience.
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