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Voronezh Medical University

The partner of SIMATEX company the Voronezh Medical University named after Burdneko - is 103 years old.

On 12th of November the Voronezh State Medical University celebrated its anniversary. The celebration was attended by employees and students of the university, as well as representatives of health care, scientists, academicians, leading experts from Russia and abroad.

The University has made a unique contribution to improving the training system for medical specialists. The Burdenko University is one of the leading educational medical institutions in Russia, which occupies an important position among the universities of medical specialty.

A wide practical, innovative focus, modern technologies, innovative projects that the university implements, allow the university to be always in demand among applicants, to engage in research work and develop the health care system of its region.

We congratulate the university on such a significant date. We wish the university further success in everything and stable development.

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