The 3rd full-time round of the International Sechenov Olympiad was held in China. We gave a hard work and efforts tt select the most activities to consult and attract the most trained, talented foreign students to study. An important tool in this regard is the International Sechenov Olympiad in Chemistry and Biology, that was held

on the 21st of May in Changchun, the People's Republic of China, Jilin Province on the basis of the district general education school (Sun Dejun). After the preliminary selection, conducted by Chinese teachers, more than 70 students of 12th graduation classes were admitted to the final stage of the Olympiad. As a result of 1.5 hours of hard work, most schoolchildren coped with the tests, and those who scored more than 80 points out of 100, as previously announced, received the preferential right to enter the University in 2018. The absolute winner, who scored the most points in 2 disciplines, became a student Lu Chang. The Center for International Education expresses its gratitude to the partner company "Jilin Xia Yu on the development of culture and mass media" in China, the director is Luan Xinhai, and to the graduate of the Faculty “Genaral Medicine” at Sechenov University - 2015, Mr. Chen Kuo, the vice chairman of the Union of Chinese Students in Russia for careful preparation and holding the 3rd round of the Olympics in China.