In recent years, the acquisition of medical education in the First Honey among foreign applicants from the countries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf has enjoyed strong demand. However, many candidates for training, due to various reasons, do not have enough current information about the university, the conditions of admission and training, the organization of leisure, the opportunities for professional training and scientific work.


To eliminate information gaps and attract talented students, the Center for International Education of the University (director Oleg Glazachev) together with the partner company "Simatex United" (President Halim Hannah) presented educational Dubai 05.03.18.JPG programs of the Sechenov University at the prestigious international educational exhibition "Global Education Fairs- 2018 », held on March 2-4 in the UAE, Dubai.


Over the days of the exhibition, the university's stand was visited by more than 300 candidates for training. The traditional interest in the English-language programs "Medical business" and "Stomatology" is supplemented by the demand of applicants for the specialty programs "Bioengineering" and "Biotechnology", for graduate and postgraduate programs with training in English.


"This welcome fact opens up new prospects for international recognition for the university," said Oleg Glazachev, "but on the other hand it requires considerable scientific and pedagogical workers to train foreign specialists in accordance with international standards."


It should also be noted that of more than 100 universities participating in the exhibition, the Russian education was represented only by the Sechenov University and the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship.