In January 24, 2018, the Delegation of the Free State province (South Africa) visited the Sechenov University, with the Director of the Department of Health - David Motau, the head of the department of intergovernmental relations - Moses Kau, as well as representatives of the provincial government and the South African Embassy in the Russian Federation.


Since 2017, 55 citizens of South Africa, residents of Free State have started their course at the university. The purpose of the delegation's visit is to assess the adaptation of South African students, their academic performance, social living conditions.


The Director of the Center of the International Education Oleg Glazachev highlighted all aspects of teaching and out-of-class work with South African students, provided curricula of educational programs mastered by students. The students quickly adapted to the new conditions, underwent a medical examination, completed the program of the first semester. In addition, they have established contacts with diasporas of foreign students from Namibia, Malaysia, Bahrain, and Russian winter is aroused by them.


Halim Hanna, the president of the Simatex , spoke about the living conditions and medical insurance of students, invited the members of the delegation to visit the accommodation where students from South Africa are lining.


Following the meeting, the members of the delegation noted the successes of cooperation and proposed to expand it. David Motau asked to consider the possibility of admission for training in 2018, for new 40-50 students from South Africa. A special interest in the guests was caused by information about the Master's program "Public Health", implemented in English - 2 members of the delegation were asked to take their personal applications for training to preliminary consideration.