According to the Council of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the country, the demand for medical professionals is steadily high. Russia is one of Bahrain's key partners in education and health. More than 140 future doctors and organizers of the healthcare of the Kingdom of Bahrain are currently studying at the Sechenov University.


Studying in Russia, students participate in the life of their country. On December 22, in honor of Independence Day, which is celebrated since 1971, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, headed by the Plenipotentiary Minister Hassan Muhamed Hassan, held a festive evening for students studying in Moscow universities. The Ambassador of the Kingdom, Mr. Ahmed Al-Saati, addressed the students with a welcoming speech. He urged them to be proud of their country and its history, to successfully study to make a worthy contribution to the development and prosperity of the country.


On behalf of the students of the Kingdom of Bahrain, who are studying in Russia, the student of the Sechenov University, Ali Alsaegh, responded with a reply. He noted the high quality of Russian medical education and talked about how important it is for students from Bahrain to take part in student exchanges and improve diplomatic relations between countries. Ali Alsaegh studies in the third year of the specialty "Stomatology" of the Center for International Education, actively participates in the student life and work of the Student Council of Foreign Students. In addition to medicine, Ali is fond of Russian poetry, loves and knows by heart the poems of Pushkin and Yesenin. First in Arabic, then in Russian Ali said: "Patriotism is not only in the love of the homeland, but also in preserving the friendship of peoples. Russian actor Sergei Bodrov said: "I now think that power is in truth!" And I want to add that truth is a common conscience that has gathered us here. And the fact that the Kingdom of Bahrain has a loyal friend is the Russian Federation. "