On March 9, 2017 passed the meeting with the Governor of Nairobi province, Mr. Evans Kidero, as part of the working trip of the RUDN University’s and Simatex United LTD’s delegations to the Republic of Kenya. During that time was discussed the possibility of cooperation between the province government and the RUDN’s University as the opportunity for the most talented Kenyan citizens to study at the RUDN University in Russia.

Was signed a cooperation memorandum, after which the governor promised to visit personally the Simatex United LTD and RUDN University. Later went the meeting with the administration of the Kenyan University, Rector, Mr. Paul Vainain. That University is the second largest educational center in the Republic. During this meeting, was decided to sign a framework memorandum on cooperation in priority areas, primarily in engineering, mathematics, physics and medicine. The meeting with Mr. George AO Magokha, the head of the Kenyan Assambly of Doctors and Dentists, was the key, where was signed a protocol of intent to recognize the documents on medical postgraduate education.


This agreement can become the beginning of such steps in Whole Africa, which will allow citizens of African countries to study in Russia. The RUDN University and Simatex United LTD are presented the programs of the studying in Russia for the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kenya. During the meeting, the Ministry of Education of Kenya made a proposal to hold meetings with the head of the Commission on University Education, Mr. Christopher Kibet Yegon, who issues licenses to foreign educational organizations for the purpose of cooperation and recruitment of foreign citizens residency in the Republic of Kenya. Also, within the framework of the visit to Kenya, the Simatex United LTD and RUDN University took part in the educational services exhibition in conjunction with the Kenrus Agency, which aroused great interest among Kenyan entrants. On March 10, 2017, the delegation of RUDN University and Simatex United LTD met with the Rector of the First in the Republic of Kenya, the University of Nairobi, Professor Peter Mbefi. An important detail is that many teachers of this university are graduates of Russian universities. Within the framework of the meeting, an agreement was reached on signing a memorandum and on the selection of talented young people to study in the magistracy and postgraduate study in Russia.