The the Rector - L’Emir Abdelkader started the conversation.
The administration of the university provided with guid trip around the university, the meeting was friendly. 
Then we attended the seminar, that allowed the students of Master and Post graduate programs to rise their questions, issues. It was clear as water. That the Russian language is an important point, that caused an argument for our strategy to expand and increase the recruitment.


The company is going to attend the Edu "Worldview Education"
Meanwhile we are organizing and establishing the Pre-university Center in the capital.
We started with an agreement with a private school, the students will start learning the Russian language and the literature from the childhood.
The company is aim to prepare the potential applicants and prepare the comfortable circumstance and atmosphere when they arrive to Russia to study in the area they are interested.
We are planning to meet the Ministry of the Education, the Algeria Universities.
We are interested to build on and expand the interests of the applicants in Algeria.

The 3rd full-time round of the International Sechenov Olympiad was held in China. We gave a hard work and efforts tt select the most activities to consult and attract the most trained, talented foreign students to study. An important tool in this regard is the International Sechenov Olympiad in Chemistry and Biology, that was held

on the 21st of May in Changchun, the People's Republic of China, Jilin Province on the basis of the district general education school (Sun Dejun). After the preliminary selection, conducted by Chinese teachers, more than 70 students of 12th graduation classes were admitted to the final stage of the Olympiad. As a result of 1.5 hours of hard work, most schoolchildren coped with the tests, and those who scored more than 80 points out of 100, as previously announced, received the preferential right to enter the University in 2018. The absolute winner, who scored the most points in 2 disciplines, became a student Lu Chang. The Center for International Education expresses its gratitude to the partner company "Jilin Xia Yu on the development of culture and mass media" in China, the director is Luan Xinhai, and to the graduate of the Faculty “Genaral Medicine” at Sechenov University - 2015, Mr. Chen Kuo, the vice chairman of the Union of Chinese Students in Russia for careful preparation and holding the 3rd round of the Olympics in China.

The Simatex actively promotes its educational potential among Iranian schools, works on the accreditation of programs by the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran. All this positively affects the image of the university - over the past two years, more than 220 citizens of Iran have entered it.

 To further popularize Russian medical education and attract applicants, the Simatex with the Center of International Education (Sechenov University) held a full-time round of the International Olympiad in Chemistry and Biology on April 28, 2018. This is the first Olympiad in the history of Russian-Iranian educational projects, which was held thanks to the support of the University of Islamic Confessions and personally to the rector of the University Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari, as well as Dr. Abbas Gahari, the Adviser of the University of the International Cooperation in Russia and the countries of CIS.

 More than 120 students of the last years of the schools from Tehran, Shiraz, Tebriz, Ahvaz took part in the final stage of the Olympiad. After 1.5 hours of hard work, most students coped with the tests adequately, and those who scored more than 85 points out of 100, as previously announced, received the pre-emptive right to enter the university this year.

Within the framework of the visit to Tehran, negotiations were held with the leadership of the University of the Islamic Confessions, as well as with the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Mahmudraza Mozaffari. In particular, the creation of a joint Center for the Study of the Russian Language and Preparing for Admission to Medical Universities of Russia was discussed on the basis of the Iranian University. This will allow in practice to approach the implementation of the concept of the educational continuum "school-university-clinic" for foreign students.

 Halim Hanna with Oleg Glazachev met with the head of the national branch of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society, the general director of the medical and pharmaceutical complex, Dr. Sayed Mohammad Akrami. Proposals were made for the exchange of specialists in the field of ophthalmology, plastic surgery and dentistry, as well as the organization of medical practices of Iranian students at the Sechenov University in the clinics of the center in Tehran, which will help the future doctors to better adapt to Iran's national healthcare system.

During March 21-23, the "Simatex" (President - Halim Hanna) with the Center for International Education Sechenov University (director Oleg Glazachev) presented its educational potential at the 6th  international educational exhibition «EDUTEX- 2018" in Manama (Kingdom of Bahrain). The exhibition was attended mainly by private educational organizations of the countries of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, and Asia.

 Active promotion of the educational potential of the Sechenov University gives its fruits - over the past three years, 35-40 students have entered the university from this small island state. The work of the university in the region is supported by the Russian Embassy and personally by the Russian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain Vagif Garaev.


A major contribution to the popularization of Russian medical education is also made by the International Sechenov Olympiad in Chemistry and Biology, whose full-time tour was held in Manama on March 23 for the second consecutive year.

I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University is located in Cheboksary – the capital of the Chuvash Republic. Cheboksary is a cozy clean city with friendly people close to half a million people, located on the banks of the Volga River. The city is surrounded with picturesque forests and fruit-bearing gardens, in which the residents are happy to spend their weekends. It is easy to get to the city by train, plane, bus or car from Moscow, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. Four seasons prevail – a sunny spring, a warm summer, a wet autumn and a snowy winter. In Cheboksary there are several universities, as well as many theatres, museums, libraries, cinemas, concert and sports halls, swimming pools. There are several churches and a mosque.

In recent years, the acquisition of medical education in the First Honey among foreign applicants from the countries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf has enjoyed strong demand. However, many candidates for training, due to various reasons, do not have enough current information about the university, the conditions of admission and training, the organization of leisure, the opportunities for professional training and scientific work.


To eliminate information gaps and attract talented students, the Center for International Education of the University (director Oleg Glazachev) together with the partner company "Simatex United" (President Halim Hannah) presented educational Dubai 05.03.18.JPG programs of the Sechenov University at the prestigious international educational exhibition "Global Education Fairs- 2018 », held on March 2-4 in the UAE, Dubai.


Over the days of the exhibition, the university's stand was visited by more than 300 candidates for training. The traditional interest in the English-language programs "Medical business" and "Stomatology" is supplemented by the demand of applicants for the specialty programs "Bioengineering" and "Biotechnology", for graduate and postgraduate programs with training in English.


"This welcome fact opens up new prospects for international recognition for the university," said Oleg Glazachev, "but on the other hand it requires considerable scientific and pedagogical workers to train foreign specialists in accordance with international standards."


It should also be noted that of more than 100 universities participating in the exhibition, the Russian education was represented only by the Sechenov University and the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship.

After the meetings and agreements between the Russian rectors and Arab Univerities were done, we visited schools, educational centers, and presented the posiibilities for applicants to #StudyinRussian.

In Beirut, the rectors of Russian and Arab universities discussed cooperation

In Beirut on Monday, the first forum of the Russian rectors and Arab Universities was organized, organized by the Union of Rectors of Russia and the Union of Arab Universities with the support of the Rossotrudnichestvo office in Lebanon. Among the invited guests - the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva, the rector of the Moscow State University (Lomonosov) - Viktor Sadovnichy and Russian Ambassador in Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin.

On February 19, the First Forum ofthe Russian Rectors and Arab Universities began its work in Beirut (Lebanon). Vasilyeva O.U. - the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation participated and spoke at the opening ceremony.

In January 24, 2018, the Delegation of the Free State province (South Africa) visited the Sechenov University, with the Director of the Department of Health - David Motau, the head of the department of intergovernmental relations - Moses Kau, as well as representatives of the provincial government and the South African Embassy in the Russian Federation.


Since 2017, 55 citizens of South Africa, residents of Free State have started their course at the university. The purpose of the delegation's visit is to assess the adaptation of South African students, their academic performance, social living conditions.


The Director of the Center of the International Education Oleg Glazachev highlighted all aspects of teaching and out-of-class work with South African students, provided curricula of educational programs mastered by students. The students quickly adapted to the new conditions, underwent a medical examination, completed the program of the first semester. In addition, they have established contacts with diasporas of foreign students from Namibia, Malaysia, Bahrain, and Russian winter is aroused by them.


Halim Hanna, the president of the Simatex , spoke about the living conditions and medical insurance of students, invited the members of the delegation to visit the accommodation where students from South Africa are lining.


Following the meeting, the members of the delegation noted the successes of cooperation and proposed to expand it. David Motau asked to consider the possibility of admission for training in 2018, for new 40-50 students from South Africa. A special interest in the guests was caused by information about the Master's program "Public Health", implemented in English - 2 members of the delegation were asked to take their personal applications for training to preliminary consideration.

According to the Council of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the country, the demand for medical professionals is steadily high. Russia is one of Bahrain's key partners in education and health. More than 140 future doctors and organizers of the healthcare of the Kingdom of Bahrain are currently studying at the Sechenov University.


Studying in Russia, students participate in the life of their country. On December 22, in honor of Independence Day, which is celebrated since 1971, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, headed by the Plenipotentiary Minister Hassan Muhamed Hassan, held a festive evening for students studying in Moscow universities. The Ambassador of the Kingdom, Mr. Ahmed Al-Saati, addressed the students with a welcoming speech. He urged them to be proud of their country and its history, to successfully study to make a worthy contribution to the development and prosperity of the country.


On behalf of the students of the Kingdom of Bahrain, who are studying in Russia, the student of the Sechenov University, Ali Alsaegh, responded with a reply. He noted the high quality of Russian medical education and talked about how important it is for students from Bahrain to take part in student exchanges and improve diplomatic relations between countries. Ali Alsaegh studies in the third year of the specialty "Stomatology" of the Center for International Education, actively participates in the student life and work of the Student Council of Foreign Students. In addition to medicine, Ali is fond of Russian poetry, loves and knows by heart the poems of Pushkin and Yesenin. First in Arabic, then in Russian Ali said: "Patriotism is not only in the love of the homeland, but also in preserving the friendship of peoples. Russian actor Sergei Bodrov said: "I now think that power is in truth!" And I want to add that truth is a common conscience that has gathered us here. And the fact that the Kingdom of Bahrain has a loyal friend is the Russian Federation. "

On October 5th, the representatives of the Republic of South Africa visited the Sechenov University to discuss and summarize the English program education.


As part of the South Africa delegation - Prime Minister of the Free State Ace Magashule, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of South Africa in Russia Nomasoto Maria Sibanda-Tusi, members of the executive boards of education - Tate McGoy and social development - Maki Mahash, Adviser to the Prime Minister Aubrey Mokadi, intergovernmental relations Ipeleng Morake and the South Africa Embassy adviser on political issues - Tando Dalamba.



From the University part Andrey Vinarov, the head of the department for international activities, Oleg Glazachev, the director of the Center for International Education of the Sechenov University, Halim Hanna, the president of the company "Simatex United".


The topic of the meeting was the admission of 55 citizens of South Africa, residents of the Free State to study at the Sechenov University. 



Andrey Vinarov in his welcoming speech thanked the distinguished guests for their visit to Sechenov University and the beginning cooperation between the Free State, and also expressed readiness for joint work. 

Simatex students before attending their exams.

One of the hostels that the Simatex offer for their students is Dorm 1, now you can take picture of how it looks.

Moments from student's life in the hostels (Dorm - 3) attending their life duties, cooking, preparing for exams, studying and etc. The dorm 3 has different types of flats, students liove with each other, everyone has his own bed place.

On June 23 was held a meeting with representatives of Sechenov university and the Simatex and the commission of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education Islamic Republic of Iran.

The basic theme of the meeting was to discuss academic changes and education of Iran residents at Sechenov university in sense of changes of legal system in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2017 was decided that the recommended universities, that can be took by the citizens of Iran to study medicine, should take a part of the high rating international universities and hold a stable position:

– World University Rankings Times Higher Education (THE);

– QS World University Rankings by Subject;

– Academic Ranking of World Universities, ARWU (Shanghai rating).

The visit to the Sechenov university is caused by the commission of Ministry of health and medical education of Islamic republic of Iran, that makes the recommended lists of universities, to study by citizens of Iran at 2018 year. During the representatives got all answers for interested questions.

Next year the university will celebrate its 260-years from the day of the establishment, now the university takes leading position between Russian medical universities, successfully grows to obtain and become part of the leading international universities.

The head of international activities presented for the guests a memorable gift, decorative wall panel with a portrait of outstanding persons, scientists, that left a sign in the universities’ history, in Russian and international medicine. Then the guests visited the educational, searching and scientific structural departments of the university:

-       The cathedra of pathological anatomy of general medicine faculty named after name A.I.Stroukov.

-       Laboratory of the molecular biology and biochemistry.


-       Urology clinic named after R.M.Fronshtein. 


On June 1st the Simatex "study in russia" met the delegation  from South africa, we work for new partnership and relationships. Everyday we do our bestbto provide new coming students with best educational programs in Russian Universities.

During 25-27 May 2017, the Medizinische Universität Graz, the youngest institution in Austria, that opened in 2004 on the basis of the Medical Faculty of the University of Graz, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, held the annual #InternationalStudent congress2017

On March 9, 2017 passed the meeting with the Governor of Nairobi province, Mr. Evans Kidero, as part of the working trip of the RUDN University’s and Simatex United LTD’s delegations to the Republic of Kenya. During that time was discussed the possibility of cooperation between the province government and the RUDN’s University as the opportunity for the most talented Kenyan citizens to study at the RUDN University in Russia.

 The attraction of the well-prepared, talented applicant, including from foreign countries, is the stage for the implementation of the task of the training the new generation specialist. Sechenov International Olympiad, conducting in the period from 20 th of the March till 30 th of the July 2017, is the one of the ways of the preparatory screening in the countries, from where mostly foreign students are coming during the last years: India, Malaysia, China, Iran and etc.